Cloud cost control in software development projects

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Public clouds are now indispensable in modern software development. They offer flexibility, scalability and high availability. 

At the same time, cloud cost management can be tricky, and generate unwanted spend. If resources are created automatically and you miss something in your code, your entire monthly budget can go up in flames in a single weekend. With bigger projects, these costs can run into the thousands of dollars monthly.

With these issues in mind, we built a solution that reduces financial burn. The solution was to meet the following requirements:

  • Work automatically
  • Be easy to implement
  • Be inexpensive to develop
  • Enable resources to be switched off or their usage to be decreased without deleting them

We built a custom cost control solution for three public clouds: GCP, AWS and Microsoft Azure. 

In this webinar we present how our solution works with GCP cloud.

Watch the webinar to learn how:

  • to avoid unnecessary cloud spending in the development cloud environment
  • to use the native mechanism of public clouds to build a cloud cost-optimization solution
  • to implement it easily, make it work automatically and do it at virtually no cost
  • our solution works (demo based on GCP)

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About the speakers

Paweł Gołębiewski

Paweł is Head of IT Administration at CodiLime. His team is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of employee computer systems and servers. He is part of the InfoSec team that implemented ISO 27001 certification in the company. After work he makes vector graphics and plays DnD.
Damian Fedeczko

A DevOps Engineer at CodiLime, Damian works with infrastructure automation and orchestration tools. He’s passionate about learning new technologies, a huge football fan, and dreams of traveling the world.

About CodiLime

CodiLime is a networking industry expert and boutique service partner for top global networking hardware providers, software providers and telecoms. Founded in 2011, we have won the confidence of both tech startups and big players in locations across the globe (the US, Japan, Israel, Europe).

We combine networking expertise with strong software engineering skills to help our clients seamlessly get through the entire network product lifecycle, from design and development, through integration with third-party stack to deployment in a production environment and further maintenance.